How Foreclosure Cleanup Companies Are Keeping Neighborhoods Safe

Foreclosure Cleanup Companies Keep Neighborhoods SafeWhen a home is foreclosed upon, the community at large suffers. After all, there’s no one to cut the grass, maintain the fence or keep out unwanted vagrants.

For these reasons, and many others, foreclosures are magnets for crime on every level – from graffiti to drugs and prostitution.

And, this is why it pays to hire foreclosure cleanup companies – they keep neighborhoods safe.

How Foreclosure Cleanup Companies Keep Neighborhoods Safe

Foreclosure Cleanup Companies Give Properties a Lived-In Look: Many times, when residents vacate a property, they may leave behind trash and other unsightly materials that cause a property to scream – abandoned!

According to the Las Vegas Sun article, Clean up foreclosed home, or city will, “Anger over the blight caused by foreclosed and abandoned homes is evident in the number of complaints reported by the Southern Nevada Health District.”

Foreclosure cleanup companies give a property a lived-in look; or at least a well-maintained one. All trash and debris is removed.

Because these companies do so much – from lawn care and maintenance to trash hauling, it removes the outward signs that a property is not occupied.

Foreclosure Cleanup Companies Provide Locksmithing Services: As mentioned just above, these companies provide many services. One of them is locksmithing.

Once a property officially reverts to a bank as a foreclosure, one of the first things they do is change the locks. This prevents the previous tenants – and anyone they may have given a key, from accessing the property.

Foreclosure Cleanup Companies Provide Ongoing Property Maintenance: Many foreclosure cleanup companies do more than provide one-time cleanup services; they provide ongoing care, eg, lawn maintenance.

And, at the rate it’s taking to sell properties in the current real estate market, this can be a real crime deterrent. For, the more likely a property looks unoccupied, the more likely it is to be a crime magnet. In a good economy with a thriving real estate market, a home typically sells within 90 days. If it’s on the market longer than that, it’s considered to be a “slow mover.”

But, in a recessed economy with a poor real estate market, it’s not uncommon for homes to sit vacant for six months or more. And once the property is vacant for that long, it begins to actually look vacant. This is usually when neighborhood kids look to break in to have a place to hang out.

Or more serious problems start like people looking to strip the home of its contents like the electrical and wiring if it is copper. Or the air conditioning unit or other expensive extras the home may posses like expensive doors or cabinetry. Then the house starts to look likeĀ ideas for funeral memorial service rather than a nice inviting home. This in turn has a negative effect on the entire neighborhood.

A foreclosure cleanup company can helps Realtors and banks not only clean up the initial mess, but maintain the property until it’s sold. This is vital to keeping neighborhoods safe.

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